Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Luella: the magazine!

The rumours circulated...and now there is confirmation!
Luella will be producing her own magazine!
The first issue is said to feature it-kids from the New York area, in spreads shot on location at swanky Manhattan apartments. The styling will be by a former Teen Vogue employee (unfortunately not the Conrad...haha).

Word on the old grapevine is that the magazine is likely to be bi-anually, with s/s and a/w issues.

London native Jourdan Dunn is the first cover, following her appearance in Luella's s/s 09 show.

I really hope that the magazine pursues a more unconventional route in it's approach to layout and spreads in a magazine market already fit to burst. But juging by Luella's amazing collections I doubt there will be much to worry about...

Friday, 16 January 2009

Jenny Humphrey is spiderman

So when you think of the upper east side crew you don't automatically think trainers, but apparantly the sports industry would like to disagree! Unless I missed the scene where Blair Waldorf was doing hardcore karate and Rufus was doing pilates..

Take this video for example, featuring Taylor Momsen's secret talent for defying gravity...

And Ed Westwick for K Swiss...POUT

And let's not forget the Queen of GG, Leighton...REEBOK???

That outfit looks totally fine UNTIL you get to the shoes.

Fair enough, they work out, I believe that. But I've NEVER seen anyone on Gossip Girl wearing sneaker esque numbers...
Maybe I'm missing something?
Perhaps there is a Gossip Girl workout vid on the horizon featuring Darota...

Monday, 12 January 2009

Weird and simultaneously amazing

JCDC - Kittyfornia from Creamcream on Vimeo.

Directed by designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac this video is a pretty accurate depiction of what Hello Kitty would probbaly get up to if she visited Paris.
And, y'know, wasn't a cartoon and all.

Friday, 9 January 2009


Art and Ghosts, you're amazing.
Love me.


All that glitters

Call me a magpie, but I am attracted to all things with a glint and sparkle. Who wouldn't be? Or at least that is what I tell myself...and how is a girl to resist when designers are kicking out gems like these?? (excuse the unintentional pun...)

Multi-Strand Bracelet

Onyx Spike Ring

Large Pearl Necklace in Anthracite

Kenneth Jay Lane
Black Octopus Ring and Black Octopus cuff


Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Love is all you need

Ex 'Pop' launcher Katie Grand is set to launch her new magazine, which it is now revealed, will be called 'LOVE'.

Katy Grand started out working on the launch of Dazed & Confused, and next The Face, before she launched Pop in 2000.
After a year of working at both Pop and The Face, she left The Face in 2001 to concentrate on Pop, which is owned by Baur.
She then continued to edit Pop for 8 years before leaving recently when her and her whole team were bought by Condé Nast, who have previously tried to buy Pop from Baur.

The magazine is said to be twice-yearly and will be priced at £5. It is also said to be larger than many of the publications on the market. The cover star will also be Beth Ditto, which has caused some bloggers and fashionistas alike to be confused at the choice as opposed to a model as expected.
The magazine will launch February 2009.

A 'secret' blog has surfaced by the Love team, which is giving nothing away just yet..apart from Giles Deacon enjoys a good scotch egg of course.

Whitney and the City

Conclusions from watching 'The city':
Downtown girls like boys. LOTS OF BOYS.
Being a model means you can do 'whatever you wants, however you wants'
Uptown girls will never be Blair Waldorf. And the phrase 'socials' will never be cool.
No matter whether you work at Teen Vogue or DVF, the offices will look suspicously identical.
There is a Justin Bobby equivelant in every state.
Talking about dead handshakes with your face turned away means NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU.
The single most awkward thing you can do at a dinner party is repeatedly ask someone why their boyfriend is not there and then looked really pissed off when they actually turn up.
It's all about the one- liners e.g. "I have like an invisible tattoo on my forehead that says 'Make out with me!' and only guys who live on futons can read it."

Marc meets Daisy

Victoria Beckham has been replaced by Daisy Lowe for the upcoming S/S 09 ads, shot by of course Juergen Teller.

The ads keep to the Jacobs-advert mantra of selling clothes by not really selling clothes i.e. featuring ads for clothes without actually showing them. This goes to show the strength of the Marc Jacobs brand, and also the fact that using racy ads sells better than showing clothing in a flattering light.

The use of Daisy also brings to light her strong standing within the industry. She has recently fronted the Agent Provocateur campigns and she is set to feature in Spring 09 campigns such as Pringle and DKNY.

The campign has proved to be less controversial than Cole Mohr in drag and Victoria popping out of giant bags, and Daisy can definately do controversial (kinky i-D shoot with her boyfriend anyone?). More images are bound to be released so watch this space...

The best twilight reviews you are possibly ever likely to read

I loved the movie, but these are actually amazing!
No more needs to be said.
P.s. don't read if you haven't seen the movie!

'it was actually a plastic head cover… vampire edition' : here!
and my personal favourite...
If 'Twilight' Was 10 Times Shorter And 100 Times More Honest : here!

Dream a little dream for me

Amy Sol is a Korean artist who lives in America. What is amazing is that she is a completely self taught artist!

To see more go here!