Friday, 16 January 2009

Jenny Humphrey is spiderman

So when you think of the upper east side crew you don't automatically think trainers, but apparantly the sports industry would like to disagree! Unless I missed the scene where Blair Waldorf was doing hardcore karate and Rufus was doing pilates..

Take this video for example, featuring Taylor Momsen's secret talent for defying gravity...

And Ed Westwick for K Swiss...POUT

And let's not forget the Queen of GG, Leighton...REEBOK???

That outfit looks totally fine UNTIL you get to the shoes.

Fair enough, they work out, I believe that. But I've NEVER seen anyone on Gossip Girl wearing sneaker esque numbers...
Maybe I'm missing something?
Perhaps there is a Gossip Girl workout vid on the horizon featuring Darota...

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