Monday, 1 March 2010

Lula Issue 10

I just picked up the latest issue of Lula. Can you believe it's the tenth issue..?! It doesn't seem so many, and yet I only have four issues. There's a sad space next to them longing to be filled with back issues (okay, I lie, my shelf is straining under the pressure of magazines, but I would gladly trade a lifetime of mundane publications for dreamy older issues....)

Lula # 10 features covers themed by Strawberry Shortcake characters. I would have expected myself to go for the Chanel Iman cover, but I was drawn to the 'Blueberry muffin' cover featuring Addison Gill instead. You can view all the other covers within whichever you pick, along with an interview with strawberry shortcake's original creator.

My favourite spread (of which there are MANY....did there used to be so many?!), is definately 'Why don't they let us fall in love?' shot with Ali Michael by Catherine Servel. Catherine also shot the last cover with Karen Elson. I hadn't realised how many of my favourite shoots she had shot until I began doing some serious internet investigation as a result of trying to find images from the actual shoot (below).
Oddly, the spread looked suspiciously similar to the advert for Orla Kiely which is at the back of the magazine. I know it was the same beauty/photog/stylist/model team, but for a second I thought I had turned to an image from the spread! Both are amazingly shot, just very similar.

What did you think of issue 10?

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  1. i love these pics! but i don't know the magazine lula actually :)

  2. there was alot of editorials! I was reading lula on the train with the boys and my god they are so immature ==' I recall their was one editorial with fuzzy photography or something but it was worth ittttttttttt

  3. NINA: Lula is reallllly hard to find in some places, I would suggest ebay but don't do it! People just jack up the prices to daylight robbery!

    you can view some past issues etc. at

    if you like this shoot then Lula is deff the mag for you !


  4. Lisa + Cathy: haha yeah i think Lula isn't to most boys' taste...but more for us!



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