Sunday, 1 March 2009

You've got male

Men's fashion is not dead. Fact.
In actal fact, men's fashion is very much alive and kicking. No I'm not talking about house of holland's new matter how much Henry thinks guys look good in a million shades of slate grey...
Amidst the rumours Gareth Pugh will be taking over Dior Homme (how amazing would THAT be!?), Kris Van Assche showed understatement, and a look that I could imagine most boys, even 'unfashiony' ones getting into..

Gucci was a canvas of classic silhouettes and key pieces suich as suits with an unexpected pop of colour. And how much do I want to steal this jacket?!

Costume national have got a fusion that is just the right amount of casual and sleek. Hi Cole.

Let's discuss how much Gianfranco Ferré is making me want to invest in a scarf of massive proportions...

And my absolute favourite, Burberry prorsum. So utterly English.


  1. Some of these are fab - I'd love it if a guy wore these!! Particularly the Burberry classic coat - he looks ready to jump on a horse!! And the Gucci (?) wool bike jacket? Divine!!

  2. love the Burberry too. i would love to see more men style it up instead of dress it down. nice blog!


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