Monday, 2 March 2009

The Katy that got the cream

After a looong wait of what seemed like forever, the time finally rolled around for me and Vicky to redeem the Katy Perry tickets that had been festering in a box in my room and itching to be used.
We opted for the Friday date so we wouldn't have uni, which gave us and excuse to make a night of it and dine out in style. On a student budget this translates to pizza and peach iced tea, ohh yes my secret vice. Gutted they don't do it in massive 2 litre bottles like my usual tipples :(

After sighting a Chace Crawford come Ed Westwick esque waiter and discovering my hidden talent for photographing in an i-D style we left for Koko.
However, this meant crossing the treacherous path of Topshop on Oxford Street. Obviously we had to have a quick browse, only human after all. I picked up the 214 magazine which was actually released in conjunction with fashion week, but I never got chance to pick up due to my kerayyze schedule during that week.

We also clocked the Emma Cook shoes I've been lusting after since ever, but unfortunately bar the display pair at the front of the store they only had a black pair left in size 5. Bad times. Additionally I don't have £95 to spend on a singular pair of shoes, but a girl can still dream...Plus those babies are selling like hotcakes on ebay!
After sadly accepting our frilly shoe dreams would never be realised we hotfooted it over to Koko for the night's festivities where I was greeted at the door by being asked for ID. Seeing as how I've recently turned 19 I was slightly offended, but more annoyed at the fact I had been asked unexpectedly. If you know me you know that I always like to be prepared at the cash register with my cash/card poised, because if not I have to spend 10 minutes delving through the millions of cards I have somehow accumulated and I always have an identity crisis and a moment of doubt where I think I've forgotten my card. Needless to say I'm probably not the best customer to have in this instance.
After likely backing up a queue of tweens with said card delving we finally got in.

Fun ensued. 30h!3 supported and they had mega bass that made your face buzz and synchronised break down routines. At this point we were wedged in a corner but nevertheless at the front of the stage. Luckily the crowd was compromised mostly of short tweens so you could get a pretty decent view from anywhere.
Katy's show involved a giant cat with light up eyes, giant banana and strawberries, and inflatable lipstick. It looked a little something like this...


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