Saturday, 28 February 2009 doubt?!

No Doubt are going to be on Gossip Girl! Be still my Gwen shaped beating heart!
Will Gwen sport a Chuck bass esque ensemble??
Or will they all have rags in their hair in homage to Adam Ant, as they're performing "Stand And Deliver" ??
Part of me is opting for a Chuck Bass ensemble. Think of the possibilities. Nay. Think of THE SCARF.
Note: I did not make this collage. I am not that obsessed....probably.

Well if Gwen and the crew fancy fixin' up before their appearance, they might want to go here and get their craft on. I love that someone was so obsessed with the scarf that they investigated it...ahem.

Until then, I'll just have to be happy with the promo...

And of course this vintage Penn photo..haha I can't cope!

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