Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fashion week!

Note the starstruck expression. I always end up looking like a giant in photos due to the combined fact of my height and I always end up nearest the camera, but who cares, it's Susie Bubble!

What a busy week it's been! Due to my interning at the Vauxhall fashion week I was able to witness a lot of the shows up close and personal, even if it did come at the price of 15 hour days: so worth it!

One of my favourite designers HAD to be Avsh Alom Gur. To be honest I had never really looked into his work before, but as soon as the first model slinked down the catwalk in this show stopping dress, everyone sat up and took notice.

His collection was flawlessly executed, a fusion of tongue in cheek references to the money crisis (many dresses featured 'credit crunch' in glitter emblazoned across the front) accompanied perfectly by a megamix of music with cash tills ringing and money references. You could really see the excitement on the crowd's faces as every dress came out; a combination of bewilderment and shocked glee as each item surpassed the last in excess and surprise. It is really hard to appriciate the collection on screen and was in a world of its own to witness up close.


I couldn't discuss my favourites without mentioning William Tempest. He really is in a league of his own, both as a designer and as an individual. He was really nice and down to earth, and his designs stole the show.

It was a particlarly nerve wracking show for me as I was a dresser for the final dress (below), but despite the fact that the dress weighed the same as me it all worked out and the model and outfit looked stunning in the flame print number.
Structure was a big theme within his collection, which worked well with the print of the pieces which ranged from crystal to flame . See more here!

Elsewhere in London, the shapes at Roksanda Ilincic were pushing boundaries, and I really like this acidy aqua tone...

Further afield from my little bubble at Fashion Scout, I love Erin Fetherston's collection. The colours are simple, but the shapes and silhouettes are unusual and unexpected.

Karen Walker said herself, "We love the beauty that comes out of catastrophe, and the brittle nature of things." and she takes this literally in her collection which featured delicate items such as broken china smashed across dresses and bags. I like the contrast of femenine and soft shapes with the graphic of the image print.

A similarly unusual take on a classic (ruffles) at Moschino Cheap & Chic...

I have too many favourites from the shows, so expect a mass postage to follow...

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