Saturday, 26 March 2011

L-O-L Smiley face have a nice-ahh day

I'm not a Mariah fan. However I can't stop listening to the intro to this song. If Mariah was a little more into this self mocking humour and less into dressing up as Eminem every so often I may have to become a fan on the sly, if nothing else because the video reminds me of the epic episode of Super Sweet 16 where Teyana Taylor made her entrance in a huge doll box. You know the one!



  1. Teyanna Taylor's Super Sweet 16 is one of my favourites. She thought about every little detail down to her "ride" which turned out to be a pimped bike.

    I would also want to try the doll entrance.
    ^loved it.

  2. I know it was sooo elaborate!
    Didn't Pharrell turn up too? And she handed out her invites in an ice cream van! x


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