Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday Scrapbook

This week...

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  1. Hi, maybe this is kinda a weird question, but i need some help to find a dress lol.. I was just wondering if you knew any good sites that i could shop around on, for like highfashion dresses/the latest trends in kind of a graduation style dresses. Or just any recommendations, haha I just love everything you post on here, and all the dresses and stuff are always so gorgeous, i just dont know how i can get my hands on one, without it costing me a fortune. But if you do have any tips or anything it would be very much appreciated, if not, totally fine, like i said kind off a random question. And I will still continue to ejoy your amazing blog haha.

  2. Hey Rose,
    Not sure whether you're English or not, maybe try the designer sections of topshop or Zara might also be good.
    Hope you're graduation goes well!

    Emily x

  3. omg you are awesome thank you thank you

    dont know if I'll find my graduation dress on these sites, but I did find some fantastic clothes!

    btw I'm not english, canadian :)

    oh and yes I hope so as well

  4. I'm not sure which of those sites ship to Canada, but good luck finding one!

    And no problem : ) x


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