Sunday, 14 February 2010

Volt Magazine Issue 07

Last week I was emailed some exclusive sneak previews on the new issue of Volt magazine. Volt is quite an unusual magazine. For starters, it's twice the size of your average Vogue or Elle, and neatly enough comes without being bound so you're free to remove the pages and blue tack them to your walls without unsightly staple rips or accidentally ripping the page in two (we've all been there...).
Not that you'd need much more encouragement to do this of course. The imagery is always lush, be it a giant dripping chanel lipstick, Daisy Lowe peering from under her fringe in intense close-up or a model with hair teased so high is resembles a storm cloud.

So what do the two covers (i.e. Gemma Slack plus Mark Fast) equal? Knowing Volt, it could be anything...

The full issue will be released March 2010.


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