Friday, 16 October 2009

Just the two of us, Alone together, Hating everyone

I just got Jemina's new album 'Break It Up', it's pretty similar to BYOP, but since I kind of love them I'm pretty okay with that. Because Stereogum is being weird and not letting me post the video, you can go here to watch the new video for Jemina Pearl (Feat. Iggy Pop & Thurston Moore) - "I Hate People" .

I'm wondering why there is a really cheap version of Lady Gaga and what I'm presuming is a Katy Perry knockoff by the shades in the video? Well, why not, I guess haha.

Otherwise, enjoy this instead...

And of course some classics...

Fill my Pill- Be Your Own Pet

Bunk Trunk Skunk- Be Your Own Pet


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