Sunday, 26 July 2009

Summer's here

I picked up the Pre Fall (July 09) edition of Vogue Italia the other day. I don't normally buy it, but I was drawn by the Tim Walker shoot, for which I will buy most magazines and books (apart from this for which I would have to save up for the rest of my life...sob).

The Tim Walker shoot was as amazing as expected (view the fox hunter themed spread here) but I was drawn to the 'NEO-romantic' photography spread by Emma Summerton, featuring Imogen Morris Clarke & Abbey-Lee Kershaw.

Not only is the styling phenomenal but the colours are so vivid and lucid. I am in love with the jeweled catsuit and the skeleton hand (I think it may be the same one as featured in Nick Knight's 'Black and White editorial...?), not to mention the Rodarte and Balenciaga dresses.And don't even get me started on those rings!! It just made me want to put paint to paper! Here is my version of my favourite image from the spread (view larger here) and the full photographs. Which is your favourite?

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