Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cooking up a storm

You've lusted after THOSE shoes...

You've regretted not getting THOSE boots... (I tried on the last 7s in Topshop, I think they made me about 6'5?! haha)

And now Emma Cook has expanded into a collection of deer themed clothing. If you're like me, the mention of deer and fawns combined with clothes is already tempting your appetite.
I went in to Topshop on Oxford Street to check out the wares, half expecting that they might already have pretty much sold out (case in point: THE shoes). Luckily I was not disappointed. I did not want to subject you to shakey, blurry, paparazzi angle shots which probably wouldn't have done the clothes that much justice, so I stole these from the Topshop website.

The animal emblem is the stable feature of each piece, though the animals variate between fawns, swans (though they looked more like flamingos to me?) and giraffes.
Someone, somewhere is exploding from cute overload.

The fabrics have to be felt to be believed. They feel divine and no doubt feel amazing on too. My favourite items were the the silk tee and the silk dress, both of which would transition from the summer wardrobe to autumn seamlessly. I can definitely see the dress paired with the Emma Cook boots. Did I mention how cute they are?

To view the full collection go here

And just because...

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