Sunday, 3 May 2009

Paper cut

Allegedly you can only fold a piece of paper 8 times. Pretty boring, right? However, the following visionaries take paper to a whole new level of amazing. Is it the recession causing people to choose cheaper materials? Or is it the fact that it is an everyday object made extraordinary? Either way, you can't ignore paper's emergance in the creative arena.

Unicorns! And this isn't even a patch on some of his pieces.
To see more Phillip West go here!

The Chanel Spring Summer 2009 catwalk show. High fashion paper decor, nice!

Can you believe these are made completely of paper?
To see more Peter Callesen go here!

Getting even more intricate (if you can believe that) is the work of Hina Aoyama. She only uses scissors!! So delicate...

To see more Hina Aoyama go here!

Kylie stillman does some really interesting things by incorporating the shadows of the work into the pieces.
To see more Kylie Stillman go here!

And of course no paper and art related post would be complete without the amazingness that is Su Blackwell (a personal favourite of mine...can you tell?).
No more needs to be said apart from W-O-W.

To see more Su Blackwell go here!

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