Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Valley Girls

It's coming!!! May 11th is when the episode will air which will tie in the flashbacks and lead onto the new series. This will probably be the episode featuring No Doubt I'm guessing?
However let's not get too excited. There are a few questions to pose to the new series. For Instance..
Are you Blair Waldorf dressed as an olde English cockney woman peddling flowers...

Are you Nate Archibald with an EXTREME side parting...

Are you Chuck Bass in a robe with a tiny teacup...

...probably not...but I am going to seriously enjoy watching you try :)

Until then enjoy these recent spreads from the cast in the Terry Richardson shoot for Rolling Stone. I'm not a big Terry fan, but for fangirling purposes I can make an exception this once.
Leighton Meester in McQ HI.

And a cheeky preview for next week, obviously.


  1. mcqueen in rolling stone, hah!
    fashion spreadzzzzzzzzz
    i've seen wallpaper really amp up its fashion editorials

  2. i know of all the magazines!


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