Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Enjoying an afternoon with my sketchbook. It's for a new project which is only in it's early stages, but now is the best time as it could go anywhere!
This page is centred around 'modern burlesque' and society's perception of juxtaposition, for which Raquel Reed is perfect!

Do you keep a sketchbook? If so, for fun or for work?


  1. Looking good! I havent even started a sketchbook yet..I am such a bad student! Whats your project on? x

  2. I'll show you when i'm back :)

  3. OH, I haven't kept a proper sketchbook for years! But I should... nowadays my scribblings are just on random papers and opened envelopes that end up in the trash sooner or later anyway... Will we see more of yours?

  4. you should compile it somehow! I bet they would look really good bound...or maybe i just enjoy the idea of binding odd papers together too much haha

    as long as my project goes to plan i'll put up more pictures :)


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