Sunday, 29 March 2009

Living in a material world

There's nothing I love more than a magazine. The glossy finish, the (sometimes) nice paper, the colours, the images, heck even the smell.
None of my magazines are more coveted than Austrian publication Material Girl, of INDIE magazine production. If you read my blog you'll know this is right up there with the greats at the tippety top of my reading list.
After months of nail biting after the next issue didn't show up due to a botched delivery and numerous (very probably) annoying emails sent to R D Franks I finally received an email last week confirming they had the spring 2009 issue in.
Naturally the next time I was in central it was my first stop. I was not disappointed...

To see more Material Girl go here!


  1. The cover is reflective silver so it's very hard to photograph, but beautiful to look at :)


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