Saturday, 14 March 2009

Doll Face

Move over trends and fads, the original it-girl is still reigning over fashion, one tiny plastic stiletto at a time. It's been very hard to miss Barbie's dominance over the fashion industry recently, from the New York barbie Fashion show... the amazing 50th Birthday celebrations going on over at Colette, where designers and names have made their very own interpretations of the ever youthful 50 year old's style, not to mention the Barbie & Ken by Karl Lagerfeld exhibition which will occupy the store from 9th-28th March.
The clothing in particular is bringing back fond memories of hours glued to my Barbie 'fashion designer' computer game. How soon can I get the eurostar again...

Jeremy Scott

Lady Gaga/Ferre is that you?! Alexis Mabille

Clothes made from tiny clothes? Genius. Andrea Crews

The only way I will ever be blonde. Comb by Bless.

Louis Ghost. Catering to the home of my dreams.

Mp3/mirror/radio/voicerecorder/amazingness. Mattel

haha, enough said.

Barbie was on the knee high boots trend first, obviously...

True love.

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