Friday, 13 February 2009

I need to stop blogging about Gossip Girl...

The rumours are circulating that Chanel Iman will be appearing on Gossip Girl. Because there aren't enough good looking people in the programme already obviously...
This follows reports that the Misshapes and Adam Green will be appearing in an episode revolving around a party of Serena's.
Is this move to feature Chanel an effort to snag more 'fashion conscious' viewers and well as the tweens?
To be honest, I don't care either way: I love Chanel!

In other, more confusing GG news, Ed Westwick is set to feature in next month's Harpers Bazaar in a shoot with Helena Christensen. The photos really speak for themself...but they also kind of don't as Ed looks photoshopped in on most of them...and what's with all the cougar-ey action going on here?! Well at leats it's a step up for Ed from K-Swiss.
Is it also a little weird that it's almost feasable she could be his mum?Come now Ed, what would Vanessa/Jessica say?!?

To see more of the Terry Richardson 'graduate' shoot gohere!

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  1. Oh no... he does not look hot here... especially in the last one! He kinda looks fat/awkward... maybe it the jeans haha, Chuck would not approve xxx


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