Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Let it snowww

With the news that there is snow at home (though I don't expect it to be more than the usual thick rainy mush we usually get in Yorkshire), I couldn't post about an artist other than Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz!

Their recent 'Travellers' series depicts tiny scenes within snowglobes. When I was younger, one of my friends used to get one of those massive, heavy Disney snowglobes every Christmas and I was jelous no end. You could look at the intricate details for hours! The fact that they are there purely for decorate purposes and that they were too heavy to even lift and shake sold me even more!
I'm definately seeing a Walker influence in this one...

Apart from the pure skill that must be involved in creating the intricate detail of these pieces, I really love the nostalgic value they have.
They also seem to envoke a sense of serenity and quietness which reminds me of a crisp winter evening...

To see more go here!.

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