Saturday, 25 October 2008

Clowning around

So last night I ended up at a random night sponsored by the best in camp drinking, sequin absolut vodka!
However, the best part was not the fact that there was free amusing feather masks, free cocktails OR free diamante' badges ( free!) but the fact that they had the most amazingly dressed djs ever!
Apart from spending a while trying to decide whether their immaculately matching hairdos were wigs or not, I also noticed how great their music was! They fill a place in my heart which The Chalets (R.I.P ) used to occupy.
Dance routines and matching outfits? err yeah!
Unfortunatley I have not yet joined the igeneration and so I can't download their first song 'black cat' from itunes, so i'll just have to spend my time streaming over the olde myspace instead...


The Broken Hearts. Black Cat

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