Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Topshop 'Sisters of The New Moon' Lip Tint in Crystal

I really wanted to try out a lip tint after seeing L'Oréal's 'Universal Lip Glow'. I liked the idea tof a shade that is tinted but also is sheer enough to adapt to your natural colouring so that it could be worn day to day. When Topshop released their 'Sisters of The New Moon' collection I couldn't resist the allure! I decided to get Crystal, as I tend to go for more pink shades, but there is also a more peachy tone 'Charmed'.

The packaging is amazing, and that goes without saying! The lipstick itself is a translucent fluoro pink with shards of glitter throughout, and it kind of reminds me of something I would have bought from Glitter Babes at Boots in the 90s, definitely a plus in my eyes.
Although to look at you would think the tint would go on super glittery, the result is much more of a low shine but moisturizing warm pink. It goes on very smoothly and has a very nourishing feel, great in comparison with the drying tints I have used before.
I was pleasantly surprised by this product, it's just a shame it's limited edition!


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