Monday, 9 January 2012

Deborah Lippmann polish in 'Glitter in the air'

Deborah Lippmann polish in 'Glitter in the air', ring Topshop 'Accs'

I really like wearing this Deborah Lippmann polish. It was a on the spot purchase as I fell in love with the unusual combination of larger pastel pink and sky blue glitter shards as well as the weird blue-grey shade of the actual polish. I like the fact that when you apply it it almost has the pattern of a glittery pastel easter egg (with sparkly freckles of course).

It's the kind of polish that could easily be layered over another polish to great effect, but in my opinion it looks just as good when worn on its own. There is quite a subtle micro glitter in a brighter blue which is quite hard to pick up on in the above images, but in real life catches the light really nicely.

Deborah Lippmann is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate, with no animal testing.

(images by me)



  1. i enjoy reading ur reviews, i think they are well written with a dash of humour in them. It kind of reminds me of when i'm reading a magazine article on a beauty review!

    uz x

  2. Thanks Uzma ;) Glad I can stalk your blog now too! x


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