Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Urban Decay Lip Junkie

Urban Decay 'Lip Junkie' in Wallflower

As a recent convert to the Lancôme Juicy Tubes club, I have found myself being very picky with lipgloss. For me, I get chapped lips very easily, so a super sticky and long lasting gloss is much more suited to my skin than the lighter glosses such as MAC Cremesheen.
That being said, Urban Decay's Lip Junkie is not that sticky. After an initial 5/10 mins of super shinyness most of the product is absorbed leaving a light yet smooth sheen. It easily applied over any dry patched with minimal tugging and a short time after application eliminated the dryness completely.
Lip Junkie is said to 'help lips grow fuller gradually' without 'burning plumpers'. I have tried more 'severe' feeling plumper glosses and have seen more of an immediate reaction, but it is true that the gloss does not sting in any way. It seems to be that the effect is meant to be achieved over a prolonged amount of time rather than instant.
The colour of the product is fairly sheer and with warm tones as opposed to a blue pink. The hue I tested is 'Wallflower' which is fairly similar to the colour of my own lips, which could explain why it appeared more sheer than strongly pigmented.
The only thing that puts me off slightly is the mint taste, but that is more personal preference than a detriment to the product as I am not a fan of mint. However I can see the appeal of the taste being more fresh as opposed to fruity.

For me, it's a great day to day gloss that has staying power but can still appear natural. I will definitely be using this gloss a lot in the future!

Urban Decay is cruelty free brand.

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