Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Think pink

nails: ORLY in lola and models own x wah pen in white. ring: topshop

Although halloween is over (sob) it doesn't mean I'm not still down for a little creepyness. Instead of the classic black/red combo I decided to throw some fluoro pink into the equation and instead of oozing blood I'm kind of getting an icing on cake vibe? No bad thing...



  1. yeah, I definitely see the icing vibe! very neatly done, I would never be able to do it that well! xo

  2. i am in love with your ring girl! sadly topshop here dose not have jewelry :(
    is it from these days?

    and the nails are lovely..

  3. Tegan: Thanks! The pens aren't that hard to use once you get the knack :) x

  4. Kate and the cake: Yes the ring was very recent so I'm sure they should still have it. They do some other variations that are a bit more decorative too. If you have trouble just google search 'two finger chain ring' and I'm sure something similar will come up :) x


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