Thursday, 4 August 2011

Stop telephonin meeee

Sorry, couldn't resist a tedious Gaga reference title. Anywho, my phone has been looking a bit depressed recently. I bought a deco phone case when I first got my new phone, but months/years of bunging my phone about and throwing it in my bag meant all the best bits kind of fell off and I was left with a zebra gem sticker and a raggy looking heart thing.
I ordered a new case from Lucyboots who I found on facebook. She doesn't ridiculously overcharge like so many other sellers I looked at, and custom makes them so you don't end up with nasty bits you don't really want.
My camera's packed up so enjoy my dodgy webcam face/hair and this photo from Lucy's facebook.



  1. OMG, I'll die... that's so cute!!!
    I always wanted one <3

  2. you're so pretty!

  3. Zsyggy: I highly recommend the quality of these, make the splurge if you've always wanted one! x


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