Monday, 22 August 2011

Designer accessories at Topshop

Topshop have recruited the most innovative accessory designers to be stocked alongside their Freedom range. Their Oxford Circus jewellery department now boasts pieces by Fred Butler, Piers Atkinson, Henry Holland, and Maria Francesca Pepe. I can't choose a favourite between Fred's futuristic kaleidoscopes, Piers' spikey headband and Henry's cute pom poms. Which are your favourite?

(Fred image by Ella Dror, other images by me)



  1. I love those ice cream cone headbands! :O

  2. They are by Piers Atkinson- he's very talented!
    You can see a lot more of his pieces at x

  3. I really like that sparkling headband covered with black and silver glitter ( at least it looks like glitter from my perspective : D ) by Piers Atkinson. It kind of reminds me of 20's and women's 'little hats' worn on the side of their heads.
    I wish Topshop made such collections not only in London..: (


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