Thursday, 9 December 2010

I'll take your brain to another dimension, Pay close attention

Sadly it turns out I've missed not one but two Tim Walker shoots in the September issue of Vogue Italia! I hate it when I miss seeing his shoots in print, as Tim's shoots always translate so well in magazines. Sadly I seem to miss buying great issues of Vogue Italia on a lot of occasions because it's always sealed up in shops so you can't browse to make sure what you're dropping the best part of a tenner on it worth it...
However I love this shoot! Tim's embraced the 3D movement without throwing in robotic/futuristic styling and sacrificing his aesthetic. Swoon...

'The scent of the future' 3D shoot for Vogue Italia, September 2010.

(via thefashionspot)



  1. hmmm believe it or not Im not a big fan :(

  2. scandal! Did you see the other shoot from this issue? It was more like his earlier work x


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