Thursday, 7 October 2010

Luella’s guide to English style

Looks like the rumours were true, and Luella WAS penning a book in her absence from fashion design. In a routine browse of amazon I came across the above image!

'Luella's Guide to English Style' is up for pre-order it on amazon, with a release date of the 14th October. I have high hopes for this book seeing as how I, like pretty much everyone else, was besotted with her clothing.
Will it answer all the important Luella-related questions?!
How do I snag Luella clothing straight off the catwalk, as in 5 minutes after? Yes I'm talking to you Alexa Chung!

And most importantly, WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK?!




  1. Arrgh I miss Luella too much. So looking forward to this book though, especially the "photographs, drawings, and occasionally diagrams" described on Amazon.... Pre-ordered!


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