Friday, 10 September 2010

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Shoe Exhibition

You can't deny that Vivienne Westwood knows a good shoe. Even people who have no interest in fashion have seen Naomi Campbell bite it in those infamous blue monsters. What were once avant-garde shoes arguably paved the way for the sky-scraping heels that are now the norm on a Friday night out for many a person. And don't tell me you haven't seen people everywhere still wearing those Pirate boots, you know the ones!
Melissa is presenting a surprisingly thorough retrospective of Vivienne's shoes, all the way from 1973 to the present day.
There are some really amazing shoes on display that have to be seen to be believed- it almost makes you feel sorry for the models. Almost.
I also can't put into words how good the Melissa and Vivienne Westwood shoes display smelt. Imagine the scent of those shoes, then times by ten. Sooo good. Someone seriously needs to bottle that pronto.

The exhibition will run from 6 August – 22 September at Selfridges London.

(all images me)



  1. imagine owning a pair of the black ones with diamond encrusted heels ... oooooooooh heaven!

  2. it would be beaut ♥
    ooh I didn't realise you had a blog! I'm so adding to my nav bar right now : ) x


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