Saturday, 3 July 2010

Wildfox/Lna/Disney Couture/Disaya Sample Sale

So Friday night I got word about a sample sale in London involving Wildfox, LNA, Disaya and Disney Couture. How fast can you say I'M THERE?!

After a loooong and packed bus ride (it drove straight past Wireless festival) I found Whiteleys.
When I was looking for the shop, I came across a shop under the same 'Pop Store' organisation, which stocked Wildfox. I was a bit confused when I started browsing to find all the stock seemed to be full price. It turned out apparantly the 'Pop Store' have a shop there full time, and then the one where the sale was being held was a temporary shop.

So I set off further into the shopping centre and found the correct place for a change! Surprisingly considering the popularity of the brands in the sale there was a couple of people drifting between rails, but nowhere near as packed as I'd expected. Not that I'm complaining! Because this gave me lots of time to browse and actually consider my purchases, a rarity in sample sales which normally are set up so you grab everything before everyone else does and hope for the best!

Over the changing room...

Lots of Wildfox Cali Girl esque cutoffs and legginy things...

Lna vests/trousers rail...and some candid celeb shots I'm guessing to show the clothes in action?

Massive pile of Wildfox jumpers...

Disney Couture jewellery, with pretty decent discounts!


Store front action...

There is still one day left of the sample sale (today), so here are the deets for all fellow Londoners

Sunday 4th July 12 – 6pm

Whiteleys Shopping Center
W2 4YL

(all images by I'm sure you can unfortunately tell ha)



  1. OMG! you're so lucky :D

  2. I wish I could go to the sale, but I'm in Germany.
    Great blog!


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