Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Shady girl

Props to Miranda Kerr. It's one thing to make the transition from angel to high fashion. It's another thing to (as my friend pointed out) pose in leather trousers in sweltering New York heat. But the reason I'm impressed with this picture/shoot is Miranda's Henry Holland esque umberella holder. You KNOW you're a baller when you get your very own umberella carrier- P Diddy anyone..?

(img via and bigpicturesusa)



  1. Nice to see you've jumped on the Kerr-loving wagon haha x

  2. Who's loving kerr? I want her umberella carrier! ha

  3. Just don't treat them like Max from "The Losers"! His umbrella carrier fell behind a few steps and he shot him :(

    Enjoyed the movie nonetheless :S


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