Thursday, 1 April 2010

Age of Aquarius

When they always make the models on America's Next Top Model do underwater challenges, I always think it's really silly as there are hardly ever fashion shoots underwater. However, when they are done, and done right, they are phenomenal. Case in point: Alla Kostromicheva shot by Sølve Sundsbø as 'Girl from Atlantis' (in the new Vogue Nippon, May 2010).
I'm also kind of in love with Vogue Nippon. They push boundaries and are so much more fantastical and etherel than their European counterparts.
Now all I need is for them to change the price so my heart doesn't break everytime I can't justify spending that much on a magazine I can't read...


(via thefashionspot)



  1. Hey! You're right these pics are phenomenal. If you're interested on seeing more Underwater Fashion check out Photographer Zena Holloway's work. It send chills down my body like a train on its rightful path lol.

    Come through my blog:

  2. Just checked them out and- WOW
    thanks so much!
    the moving image stuff is amazing!


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