Saturday, 13 February 2010

Normally I compile the images that inspire me each week, however, considering the circumstances this week, the scrapbook will comprise of some of the imagery which I felt personally connected to in Alexander McQueen's work. You can view his collections by season fully on

Whilst at Givenchy, his most famous collection featured robots spraying a cotton dress. McQueen left the fashion house in 2001.

“People ignore the ugly things in life but within this they are missing the beauty that lies under the rotten fruit.” - Alexander McQueen

His autumn/winter 2006-7 collection was dedicated to McQueen’s close friend Isabella Blow who had comitted suicide months earlier. It featured a hologram of Kate Moss as a finale.

“The show shouldn’t overshadow the clothes and vice versa. There always must be some sort of interaction with the audience to get the message across that’s going through your mind. The one show in which that was key was the Asylum show, with the padded cell. It’s good to leave the audience in bewilderment.”

” When I was in Paris I tried to mold in with this concept of couture and this
hierarchy, but it’s just not me. I can’t play that game. I think it
looks stupid when designers play these bourgeois characters. At the end
of the day, I’m left with the real me. What you see is what you get.”

Alexander McQueen

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