Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Birthday lusting

(Left to right...ish)

1. Heart cut out dress, New Look. Yes, we are all aware it's a massive Luella knockoff HOWEVER seeing as how the originals won't be making their way into any stores, ever (sob, not that I'd afford anyway, but a girl can dream...) the high street version will suffice. Plus it's one of those rare items that can easily work day and night, invaluable on a student budget.

2. Hello Kitty headphones. It could be the fact that London is painfully cold at the moment and these would totally double up as earmuffs, or it could just be that they're amazing.

3. Dolce and Gabbana Black slingback wedges. Platforms that would make the biggest anti-spice girl fans go zig a zig ahhh.

4. Maybe I'm appealing to my inner 14 year old Claire's accessories lover, but I can't get enough of skulls, which makes this Medium Evil Skull Ring from the Great Frog London a must.

5. Miu Miu satchel. oh my <3. Everywhere I look for this bag the price seems to be getting higher and the availability seems to be getting lower...

6. Christopher Kane cloudy shirt. I love the watercolour-y blends on the shirt, without all the controversy.

7. FINALLY (at risk of this turning into a shopping list) this hair please.


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