Saturday, 26 December 2009

Sunday Scrapbook

(via dreamcatcher, halfsickofshadows, fyeahladygaga, la douleur exquise, lovelybones, suicideunderground, suicideblonde, lovebuzz, megandarling, dreamcatcher, cosmic, fashionfever, papertissue, justlikeheaven, peterpancomplex, skinnybitch, featherheroin, greyskymorning, thisismynirvana, beautiful people, sparklinganddazzline, wearegolden, kissmycouture, the girl with the bubbley eyes, inmydreams, wafflegirlsdontdie, flickr & google)


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  1. Love love your sunday scrapbooks! Always find all of the images interesting, and pink and pretty.


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