Monday, 2 November 2009

Twiggy, ring pops, pumpkins

I just finished interning for Beyond the Valley Insight, the promotions sister company to the Carnaby Street store. I've helped out on a couple on events, based around their 'Wish you were here' concept. This basically was where shops form the London Carnaby Street area swapped with shops from New York, and vice versa.

This equalled a lot of fun and of course American food.

My final day was spent preparing for the Halloween party a.k.a a good excuse to get pumpkin carving. If only I'd realised I only got one attempt I wouldn't have made my pumpkin look like it has manic depression...

In one of the two shops set up, there was a gallery space in the basement. They had some really cool stuff, my favourite of which was a giant dripping heart made from ring pops. It smelt amaaaazing. When I first arrived it was just heart shaped but over time the pops melted and made a big gooey puddle. I think the artist's name was Julia Chiang...

I also finally got chance to go to the Twiggy exhibition at the national portrait gallery. The mini-exhibition is kind of a visual timeline of Twiggy's career, with commentary from Twiggy throughout. I really liked it, but then I really like Twiggy so I'm pretty biased...

There were a lot more pictures but those were my favourites. Gotta love the old school Twiggy.

Sadly I missed out on sampling the skull shaped Krispy Kremes before Halloween was over and had to plump for the spiderweb one instead. Maybe they were just American? False advertisement!

In non food related news I also went to a Vivienne Westwood sample sale. Due to the fact that it was held at her Battersea studio and I live at the other end of London it was a traumatic journey to get there only to discover this massive crowd.

Okay so you can't actually see the crowd, but it was dark and my camera freaks out under low lighting. Let's just say it was BIG. As I didn't have three hours spare to brave the queue in lingering hope that the bargain hungry crowds would overlook something perfect yet cheap, I had to leave and hope that someday I can be just like Pamela and get all the free Viv I want. Minus being Pam.



  1. STUNNING EXHIBIT. sounds so awesome. and i'm sorry that you couldn't get into the westwood sample sale :( i would have been mad too
    love your blog
    +i'm linking you on mine! :D


  2. wow...julia chiang's pop's are amazing.

  3. aw thank you jessica!
    i know, it was pretty heartbreaking!


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