Thursday, 12 November 2009

'Salty means beautiful'

Jennifer's Body was different to what I expected. And no, not because Adam Brody did an incredibly convincing Brandon Flowers impersonation throughout. Call me naive, but I was almost expecting Juno gone Halloween (not that that would have been THAT terrible...). But I actually loved it. It was WAY gorier than I expected, and Megan Fox as a demon was actually genuinely scary. I mean look at the first picture- look at that face! I can admit it, I had to watch through my hands for the intense tension moments- not that the guy sat behind us who kept breaking into uncontrollable sneezing helped. Not a massive Megan Fox lover either, but it was refreshing to actually see her act and not stare intensely into the distance while CGI robots did all the work.

Because of all the slating that the film has gotten I think people were wanting Juno round 2. But Jennifer's Body stands on it's own. Beyond the classic Diablo Cody dialogue and shock tactics (was the Megan Fox/Amanda Seyfried kiss relevant to anything??!) the film dealt with all the traumas of being a teenage girl and I kind of loved the ending.

I also might have downloaded the soundtrack....

Low Shoulder- Through the trees

(via google and allmoviephoto: Doane Gregory)


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