Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Paris fashion week

Initially I was going to do a post with my Paris fashion week favourites up until now. But seeing as how Paris is massively not appealing to me despite the A* name roster, I am going to dedicate this post to Alexander McQueen. Is it me, or is he one of the only designers that is actually daring to do something different at the moment?
It really makes me proud when British designers can deliver in such an amazing way and stand up against the more established fashion houses.

I've seen the collection's inspiration described as everything from 'alien' to being put under the inventive headline 'Shoes worn by women, designed by a man' (London lite quality right there). But under the title 'Plato's Atlantis' I think it's pretty self explanitory. It really reminds me of the Disney Atlantis film too, particularly, this scene.

Silver nails! mmm.

I'd like to think that the live stream of the show crashed due to people excited about McQueen's collection, but in reality we all know a certain disco stick toting pop star was to blame. Direct all annoyances towards the HAUS.


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