Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sunday Scrapbook

This week I went to see the Coco Chanel movie. It was showing at a lot less cinemas than I expected seeing as how you couldnt turn anywhere in London without Audrey Tatou slapping you in the face for the past couple of months. Nevertheless it was amazing. I can't wait to see so many films coming out, especially the designer related ones- I NEED to see The September Issue and what the Wintour is really like behind closed doors/the sunglasses.
As usual I have managed to dominate the post with food images...enjoy.

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  1. Wowo these images are fantastic ☺


  2. you saw those pics of Luke then haha
    and where are those beautiful jumpers from???

  3. Course I did ; )
    the ones with the writing on the shoulders?
    They're from Laura Laura



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