Wednesday, 17 June 2009

As you may or may not have noticed my posts have been a little less frequent recently. This is due to the fact that me and two of my closest friends have upped sticks from the sleepy town where we attend Uni (okay it's more like a snoozefest but at least it gives us less distraction from Uni work) and moved to central London.
In true student style we've been without Internet since we moved in. After an admittedly shaky start of relying on my blackberry to browse I've begun to (shock!) live without Internet. Good job really, seeing as how I'm going to Florida for two weeks with my family, and I sincerely doubt they get wireless at the magic kingdom.

This is the first holiday I've had actually IN summer. We normally steer clear due to the fact that I'm so pale I could probably be classified translucent. Basically me + sun = BAD.

So those who know me can expect to see a lobsterfied version of me in two weeks time...

Until then I'll leave you with a few things/images I've been liking recently...

Russian dolls... but with phones! Genius! And is it me or does the first one totally take you back to Zack on Saved by the Bell? Loved his 'sneaky' calls under the desk with the phone that was bigger than his head...

Chanel holographic nail polish. Trippy!

The guy on the Lady Gaga iphone app video...haha

Drawing and sketchbooks, specifically with my new stabilo pen 68 set. (Img via Stella Imhultberg)

The unexpected in the everyday.

Wall banners.

Bright pink lipstick <3

Origami everything.


And of course trashy American food! See you at the Krispy Kreme counter...


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