Thursday, 21 May 2009

'Looks like you just hooked yourself a Bass'

My one complaint for the season 2 finale of Gossip Girl was that there was a severe shortage of Dorota action. Besides that, it definitely delivered!

I could gush. BUT instead I'll allow the scene to do the talking...

Blair: Why aren’t you in Europe?
Chuck: I was, and Paris. Only to get your favourite macaroons from Pierre Herme.
Blair: And Germany?
Chuck: … To pick up your favourite Faux Stockings, you know how I adore them.
Blair: What are you doing here then?
Chuck: You were right, I was a coward running away again. Everywhere I went, you caught up with me. So I had to come back.
Blair: I want to believe you, but I can’t. You’ve hurt me too many times.
Chuck: You can believe me this time.
Blair: Oh, is that it?
Chuck: I love you too.
Blair: But, can you say it twice?
… No, i’m serious, say it twice.
Chuck: I love you.
I love you, 3.
I love you, 4.
I love you, 5.
I love you …


All my pathetic tweeny dreams have come true!
You have to admit, it was a long time coming as such SO worth it. Now what do I do with my Tuesday nights...

In other GG related news, Leighton has teamed up with Cobra Starship in what I find to be the strangest collab evver for the single 'Good girl gone bad'. This follows the track that leaked a couple of months ago 'Birthday' with Awesome New Republic. I'm liking her efforts far more than Taylor Momsen's (Courtney Love with a side of Ashlee Simpson anyone?). The less said about that the better...

I'll leave you with this amazing Chuck Bass memory, and the hope that Valley Girls will still be going ahead...

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