Saturday, 16 May 2009

I see London, I see France...

I'm the sort of person who loves a good tote bag. Yes, I own a range of teeney and cute bags to match every outfit, but when it comes down to those final minutes as I rush out of the house I'm always inclined to grab a massive bag where I can shove everything in without stuffing it to the brim so it takes on a pillow-like shape. Tote bags also are great for trucking around London when you need to dip into your bag for your travelcard to go through the tube station without *gasp* stopping to search your bag and as a result getting knocked out/dirty looks from businessmen and old people with attitude.

So naturally, when I saw these Maptote bags over at discothequeconfusion I was sold.

This coupled with the fact that they also have that cheesy tourist souvenir graphic on the side is making me love them that little bit more. But here's my dilemma...oh the choices!

You can pick the place where you live (for me this would be London...or at least I will be central London in a couple of weeks)...which could be cheesey but at least they beat those horrible Louis Vuitton/Steven Sprouse knockoff tourist bags...

You could go the authentic souvenir route and pick somewhere you've been...

Or maybe even somewhere you want to's the closest I'm likely to get to Tokyo in a while...though I didn't realise Tokyo had an Eiffel tower???

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