Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hey Upper East side-ers/Scottish people...

Is it me, or do the Gossip girl cast seem to dissappear when the show takes a break and then suddenley appear everywhere when it comes back on?
The latest sightings involve the long speculated/awaited on arrival of the Leighton Reebok ads...

She somehow makes them look girlier, though I still don't get the link between upper east side princess and hardcore gym workouts. Although that would explain how she gets that enviable figure...
I especially don't get it now they've thrown a ghetto blaster into the equation.
Hello Aguilera circa CAN'T HOLD US DOWN.

Elsewhere Ed Westwick has been representing Scotland (why?) at some kilt themed event in New York called Dressed to Kilt.

They do know just because he's from England he's not Scottish, right?
why oh why....


  1. oh my god.
    is that ed?
    whoaaa, i love him and all, but a man skirt?
    haaa. i love this.

  2. The fact that the waistcoat thing blends into the kilt at the sides is just the final straw in this mess of an ensemble haha
    I hate it so much I kinda love it's tragedy haha


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