Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Full moon, half moon, crescent moon...TOTAL ECLIPSE

Oh Jaffa Cake :,)
In homage to these amazing nails from FORM, I decided to attempt what can only be descibed as a reverse manicure. This involves white moons and black nails, as seen below...
As you can see a steady hand and a lot of time to waste does work in favour of these babies, as they required 4/5 coats including a generous top coat to keep them in check. There was also a lot of waiting around involved for each section to dry before I could apply the next colour/layer. I'm just praying they don't chip straightaway...

Action shot!


  1. Awww, I love your nails! How did you do it? :)

  2. I painted the whole nail clear for a base coat. I then painted the buttom near where the moons are in white, then let it dry. Next I used a black and painted around the white section in a semi-circle and then covered teh rest of my nail levaing the white to show through.
    And a top clear coat for good measure :)


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