Monday, 8 December 2008

Where to being?! I firstly apologise for what will be a LONG post...

My weekend began with a traumatic dash across London to get to my 12 o'clock train. The train into central was delayed, then the underground line I needed to get was suspended because someone had set off the fire alarm (thanks for that by the way, whoever that was...). Then I had to beat through the midday Saturday Christmas shopping crowds to change to another line to get to the train station (at this point I had like 45 minutes to get to the other side of London). I seriously could just hear the mission impossible song in my mind as the clock was ticking! I eventually managed to negociate my way onto the right tube, albeit slightly battered from lugging my suitcase up and down about 50 flights of stairs. Then, when I finally made it to the station, my train was departing from the FURTHEST platform possible. I pelted it across the station and motored it down to the furthest carriage on my train and only just made it at 11.54 (!).

After all that fun and a 2 hour train journey I finally arrived in Birmingham. The highlight of which was (holy cow!) this giant bull made from jelly beans.

Sorry about the blackberry camera, but ah well...

This leads me to the day after, and the point of the trip-the clothes show live!
The first thing that was slapped in your face as you entered was the Paris Hilton stand. Firstly, when did Paris Hilton have a stand at the clothes show? Second of all, who had the idea of go-go dancers in leather hotpants whipping on and off wigs all around it?? Seriously the oddest thing ever.

I got my shop on for a bit, and found this amazing hat.

Then I came across the Designer stage, and: my oh my.
(Get ready for the pictures)

First up was Dolce and Gabanna, showcasing their 'Helen Mirren in "The Queen"' inspired collection, based around tweeds, tartans, paisleys and traditional knits. It was good but nothing mind-blowing, although the finale dresses were an unusual shape and contrasted textures interestingly.

Next up was Burberry. The shoes really complemented the clothing in real life. As much as I love the hats I found it hard to imagine them looking good on anyone but Lily Donaldson.

John Galliono was next. The array of massive sequins reminded me of fish scales, but in a classy palette of silver, black and ballerina- pink.

This is where my fashion-fangirling kicked in: JC de Castelbajac.
Some of you might recognise his creations from the MTV EMA's of this year, worn by Katy Perry. Unfortunately this is also when the guy in front of me decided to block my view completely with his giant camera with 50 lenses and head, thus some of the shots are a bit shakey/cropped like mad.

John Galliano followed, sadly the models weren't donning the madly elaborate make-up seen at his last show.

Kenzo was really all about the movement of the fabrics, which gave the models an air of class and sophistication in rich, royal colours.

Next up was, my oh my, Gareth Pugh! The leggings were AMAZING up close! I need them in my life. Fullstop.

And last but not least was Giles Deacon. His collection was an odd combo of hobbit chic ( see capes) and red evening dresses, but amazing nonetheless. Just look at the shoes!!!

It would have been absolutely amazing to see all the collections in full! But I truely felt amazed and surprised that I had seen so many talented designers' work in one place, that I could have only otherwise seen by travelling to the fashion weeks across the globe (because that would SO happen..). Floored!

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