Friday, 5 December 2008


So today began with a clear mission: sample sales!

First we stopped off at the 'Best of London' designer sale, which happened to take us to a large ambiguous builiding with a massive door and no background music.
There was clothing by Johnathon Saunders, House of Holland, Bex Rox, David David, Erdem, Felder Felder, Poltock and Walsh, Anna Vince, Richard Nicholl and Todd Lynch.
Poltock and Walsh were definately my favourite, and I fell in love with their summer 08 collection and its pastel ruffles which reminded me of macaroons. Yum!

A swift exit and a near collision with Steve Jones from T4 took us across town to Chelsea, which had the most elaborate Pizza Express I had ever seen in my 18 year old life.
Exhibit A.

After getting lost down a random street and recieving so many 'mini-punches' my arm felt like it was about to drop off we got our game together and found the second sample sale. We climbed a flight of stairs and came to a metal door which was painted terquoise and looked as if it could be holding bags with dollar signs on them and gold bars instead of sample clothes. We buzzed expecting at least a small level of interrogation, but were allowed straight in and lo and behold the 'Rainbow Wave' sample sale!! Unfortunately it looked like the best of the female's stuff had gone by this point, and the Alexander McQueen £10 skirts were nowhere to be seen (boo!). Inside I found dresses covered in pearls, and an array of droopy dresses in a rainbow of colours. Sadly they were outside my price range (£900 +!) but were still very pretty.

Due to a delay in trains on the way back home we were stuck in Waterloo. So what else is a girl to do but get some krispy kreme in on the situation?! So imagine my amazement when I saw these at the stand...

Festive Krispy Kremes! Amazing!

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  1. those krispy kremes are the BEST i've ever seen!!!


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