Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Choke is a rom-com..what the?!

So anyone who is a fan of Chuck Phalaniuk or even just picked up a copy of fight club will probably be aware of the impending release of his next book-turned-film adaptation, Choke. Phalaniuk is famed for his dark comedy style, and that is one of reasons I like his novels, my personal favourite being Invisible Monsters.
So this is why, when I saw the advert I was slightly disappointed. Blasted across the footage was the quote 'Welcome to the rom-com fight club'-Loaded. I'm really hoping its not...but then I'm really sure I would never take 'Loaded's advice on anything...
Still, watching the trailer I do get a 'rom-com with an edge' vibe from it.
The other thing I noticed was the main actor Sam Rockwell...haven't I seen him somewhere before...oh thats right...CHARLIE'S ANGELS!!

Moving on...haha... I will go see Choke, but I am slightly skeptical about the way in which the book had been adapted for screen...

The release date for Choke in the UK is November 21st.

To see the trailer go here!.
And for pure amusement, to see sam rockwell do the charlie's angels dance go here!.

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