Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cakey Perry...yeah I went there!

Although nobody really needed to hear another reason why Katy Perry is the epitome of all that is amazing, she wore the best awards outfits I've seen in a LONG time at this year's Europe VMAs. One of my favourite pieces being this cupcake bag from Judith Leiber. I think Katy wore it far better than when it featured in sex and the city film, mostly because I barely noticed it in the film despite me being a cake obsessive and the bag practically having a starring role. However I also put this down to the fact that I was most likely blinded by the sight of the gawdawful louis vuitton crazy coloured mess that carrie gave her assistant...but enough of that as I could complain for hours...
This bag also incorporates my love for all things crystalised! I have big plans for my blackberry....

To see more by Judith Leiber go here!.

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  1. cupcakes are cool
    and seriously, how did we not scream at the bag when we were at the cinema? we must have still been in shock over that Louis Vuitton atrocity



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