Monday, 27 October 2008

I dream of carousels

I stumbled across the work of Pierre Marie today and was pleasantly surprised, even more so when I discovered his recent ghostly print work, produced in collaboration with Gabrielle Greiss, has been incorporated into a number of pieces by Sonia Rykiel in the Fall 2008 collection.
The dresses really complement the sweet and sinister balance of the artwork.

The illustrations also really remind me of a film I once saw called 'Love me if you dare' (or Jeux d'enfants), where these two childhood friends constantly dare each other these crazy dramatic tasks, depending on whoever has the tin carousel.
As you would imagine in most French cinema, the imagery is both crazy surreal and amazing, and I definately reccomend seeing it as long as you're not one of those people who 'can't' watch films with subtitles (...).
Providing you discount the fact that the film's English title sounds like it should star Jude Law as a charming lethario and have a Christmas romance theme set in New York, the film is unlike anything else.

See more by Pierre Marie here!
Watch a trailer for Love me if you dare here!

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